To Grace Street Towers, hereinafter called Owner and to PRAIRIE MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT, INC., Agent for the Owner, the undersigned hereby apply(ies) for and offer(s) to execute a lease in form used by Owner for the premises herein described on the terms herein set forth.  The representations herein made are true.

1. Contact Information

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: Please call the Office at (773) 871-1845 to submit your number

2. Rental History

3. Apartment Occupants

4. Present Employment Information

5. Income


I, the undersigned, certify that all of the information in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I hereby apply for and offer to lease the apartment described for the lease term stated, at the rent and on the conditions set forth herein and Owner’s standard lease form. I authorize the Owner and its Agents to obtain an investigative consumer credit report including but not limited to credit history, OFAC search, landlord/tenant court record search, criminal record search and registered sex offender search. I authorize the release of information from previous or current landlords, employers, and bank representatives. This investigation is for resident screening purposes only and is strictly confidential. This report contains information compiled from sources believed to be reliable, but the accuracy of which cannot be guaranteed. I hereby hold the Owner and its Agents free and harmless of any liability for any damages arising out of any improper use of this information. summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act is available by visiting Applicant has deposited herewith the sum of $50.00 for purposes of obtaining the credit report, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. Applicant understands that this amount is completely non-refundable and does not constitute a deposit of any sort. This application is made with the understanding that it is subject to acceptance by the Owner and/or its Agents. The applicant agrees that he/she shall not have any right to occupy any of the premises of the Owner until execution by the Applicant and by the Owner or its Agents of a written lease of the above stated apartment to be leased The Applicant further agrees that in the event that the application is approved, the approval and the time thereof being in the sole discretion of the Owner and/or its Agents, and the Applicant fails to sign a lease when submitted or fails to pay the balance of rental and security deposit as provided, any deposit made by the Applicant will be forfeited and retained by Owner or Owner’s Agents as liquidated damages. In the event that the application is not approved or the lease is not executed for any reason for which the Owner or its Agents is(are) responsible, said deposit will be refunded to the Applicant. The Owner strongly encourages all Tenants to obtain renter’s insurance. Said insurance may protect your assets in the event of fire and may protect you if you are sued for any reason.